Joe Rogan & Why Everyone Needs to Float

“You feel lighter, you feel like more oxygen is in your body, you feel more vibrant.  It’s just because you’ve calmed the tension.  It’s f*** incredible, man.”  The above video is perhaps the greatest testimony to sensory deprivation or floatation therapy. Joe Rogan, an avid floater, is a hugely popular stand-up comedian, best known for hosting Fear Factor and his unwavering love of floating.

In 2012, The Atlantic provided a deeper look into the sensory deprivation process with an interview with Rogan himself:  “I think it’s one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought that you could ever find… It’s been one of the most important tools for me in personal growth for understanding myself, how I am, and what effect I do have on other people.”

The Atlantic article goes on, The experience in the tank, though, can be “brutal and unflinching in its portrayal of you and your reality,” said Rogan. “That’s a terrifying thing to a lot of people — the fact that you’re alone with your unconscious thoughts, with everything that’s truly troubling you. It’s the only time that you are untethered from your body.”

He’s not alone in describing that untethered feeling as a potentially intense emotional experience. Your mind begins to run rampant. With nowhere else for thoughts to go, whatever problems, worries, or guilt sits in the back of your brain has to be confronted. As it’s been put before, inside that tank, you have to face yourself. 

We are happy to read such praise of floatation therapy and we, too, hope that you give sensory deprivation a chance to #expectnothing.

See Atlantic article here.

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Thank you, Joe Rogan!

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