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Tank Action is Ottawa’s first float therapy centre that serves individuals of the community by improving their quality of life, and well being through flotation therapy.


We believe that flotation therapy, will change the way people think about treatment solutions for their health that are natural and drug free.

About Tank Action

Tank Action is the first float centre to offer float therapy in Ottawa in many years. Floating can benefit your body, mind and soul. Founded in 2015. Floatation therapy through the use of our float tanks, sensory deprivation or isolation tanks – constructed to remove external stimuli like noise, light, odor and touch. We believe that floating is a place where people can float to let go of the daily grind, unplug from the external world, and ultimately relax.

Meet the Float Tanks

We have two types of float tanks, two Oasis Float Tanks (Float Rooms #1 & 2) and the Float Cabin (Float Room #3) , Both are very large spaces, providing the best sensory reduction experience, possible. 

 Its all the same once your get in, you can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed. Whatever you are most comfortable to float in, try both and see what one you are more comfortable in.    Its not the float tank, its the floater, and your float is a practice that takes a few times to get it, with consistency to continue progress. 


Float Cabin

Our Float Cabin (Float Tank Room #3) is very spacious, it is taller than your typical tank, allowing you to stand upright as you enter and exit; it’s 8 feet tall, 5.5 feet wide d 8 feet long. You still only lie in 10 inches of water like the other tanks. There are multiple safety rails inside and out for easy exit and entrance of the float tank.  Some floaters have preferences, however; it is all the same when you float, you can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed.

cabin - Copy

Oasis Float Tank

The Oasis Float Tank has been developed over the past 35 years and delivers an amazing float experience.  Its design is the most popular and best to be very comfortable, function and effective at sensory reduction environment.  Its design is very well sound and light proofed, along with safety rails for support. Pro floaters prefer the Oasis style of float tank for a deeper meditative float.  Its good to try both the cabin and Oasis float tank, however; you float is completely dependent on  the floater, not the float tank. 

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