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An isolation tank, or sensory deprivation tank is a temperature-regulated, salt-water filled, soundproof, lightproof tank that isolates its occupant from external sensory input. The design and purpose is simple: to find out how your body and mind react to a lack of external stimulation from the outside world, the result is “true rest”.
The deep relaxation state achieved through floatation in the tank allows the body and mind to recover from stress and pain. As the body slows down, pain is relieved, circulation is increased and the body absorbs magnesium from the epsom salts. Additionally, natural endorphins are released which cause the brain to produce theta waves which are associated with relaxation and meditation.

Simply put, it feels GREAT to do nothing!

Tank Action will be open in March 2015 and available to everyone in the Ottawa area who is looking to explore the benefits of REST therapy. Sensory deprivation has been shown to provide a wide range of mental and physical health benefits – our aim is to make floatation therapy accessible to the community of Ottawa.

Tank Action will use this page to share news about our progress, information about floating as well as general information about health, wellness and nutrition.

Thank you for your support and please feel free to send us a message with any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments!
float centre

Float Centre