About Tank Action


Tank Action is the first float centre to offer float therapy in Ottawa in many years. Floating can benefit your body, mind and soul. Founded in 2015. Floatation therapy through the use of our float tanks, sensory deprivation or isolation tanks – constructed to remove external stimuli like noise, light, odor and touch. We believe that floating is a place where people can float to let go of the daily grind, unplug from the external world, and ultimately relax.


Tank Action is Ottawa’s first float therapy centre that serves individuals of the community by improving their quality of life, and well being through flotation therapy.


We believe that flotation therapy, will change the way people think about treatment solutions for their health that are natural and drug free.

About Our Tank

Our Tanks

Oasis Tank

Float Cabin

Water Sanitation

3x Filtration

The entirety of the water is filtered through a 1-10 micron filter a minimum of three times after each float. Skimmers are used to keep the surface completely clear.

UV / Chlorine

It is used at a minimum levels for disinfectant in the tanks. High powered UV light units are attached to the pump system for added sanitation.

Proper Chemistry

We rigorously measure and maintain the pH, alkalinity, specific gravity, and temperature of the tanks. The water in the float tank is about 35-40% epsom salt, which is a difficult environment for a lot of bacteria to live in (the Dead Sea is named that for a reason). Our tanks are likely to have some of the cleanest water you’ve ever been in.