About Us

Tank Action is an independent local business in Ottawa offering float therapy.

It’s our belief that floating in a true sensory deprived environment would enhance mental and physical health.

Our floatation therapy happens within our state of the art sensory isolation tanks – which were constructed to remove stimuli like noise, light, and touch.

The float tank is an amazingly simple yet powerful tool that can enhance one’s overall quality of life experience. Whether you use it for personal development, physiological benefits, psychological benefits or a combination of sorts, we believe it can profoundly aid and impact anyone who sets forth into the warm, cozy, silky blackness.

At Tank Action, we offer the best floating therapy you can ever get. Our objective is to provide proven float therapy in a pleasant environment that enhances body and mind encounter. We support individuals to appreciate the environment and revive their physical and psychological health.

Our history

Founded in 2015, we are the first float therapy center in Ottawa. We started small, but have grown to become the top floating therapy center around, providing services that boost the physiology and physical wellness of our clients.



“To continuously deliver unparalleled floatation therapy that improves the quality of life, in a clean, peaceful and unique environment.”


“To become a foremost float therapy center, providing exceptional living experience and influencing people to think more of none-drug natural treatments.”

Why choose us?

At Tank Action, we provide excellent floatation sensory stimulation that leaves you in content.

Our value is found in the mix of excellence service and customer satisfaction. We strive to lay the standard for other providers to follow, by ensuring our services are the most effective and efficient.

Our therapies were created with our clients in mind; with the aim of delivering a powerful experience, that enhances their body and mind. Our goal is to provide them with the best float tank therapy unmatched by any other spa.

Our customers are offered a luxurious private suite that includes a shower changing area, towels, and floating supplies if needed.

Visit our spa today and experience the wonders of advanced floating therapy.