Float Challenge 

Are you up for a challenge? There are about ten weeks left in 2018, and as you know, floating works best weekly, consistency compounds results . We challenge anyone and everyone to take the float challenge and complete ten (10) floats before Jan. 1, 2019, and we will reward you with two FREE floats!

How to complete the float challenge:

1-  Register in store when you book your next float
2- Complete ten floats between Oct. 17 and Jan. 1, 2019
You + A Friend complete five floats each (same time)
3- Receive two FREE Floats
OR you + a friend each receive one Free float
* Free floats are valid until March 2019
*If two people doing the challenge, float at the same time
*Expired floats that have been extended, not valid for float challenge
*Free, promotional, or groupon floats, not valid for  float challenge

Are you ready to take the float challenge?

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