– 60 minutes long

– Longer floats are available upon request

– 2 Oasis float tanks and 1 Float Cabin (largest in the market)

Single Float


– Single Float

– 3 Month Expiry

2.5 Hour Float


– 2.5 Hour Float Session (Not 2 float sessions)

– Non-Shareable

– 3 Month Expiry

5 Hour Float


– 5 Hour Float Session

– Non-Shareable

– 3 Month Expiry

10 Float Pack


– 10 Float Sessions

– Shareable with Anyone

– 1 Year Expiry

Monthly Membership


– 1 Float Per Month

– Additional Floats $39

– Floats are Bankable

– 4 Month Commitment

– Non-Shareable

– Memberships Auto-Renew

6 Month Membership


– 1 Float Per Month

– Additional Floats $39

– Floats Do Not Expire With Active Membership

– 6 Month Commitment

– Non-Shareable

– Memberships Auto-Renew

We allow 15 minutes allocated for shower/ change time in the float room, for a total of 75 minutes from the appointment start time, it is up to the individual how to use it (if you need more time you can use vanity outside the room)

*Cancelation Policy: 24 Hour notice Required.

Appointment changes or cancellations can only be done by calling the float centre and speaking directly with a staff member.

Appointment changes or cancellations must be done during our regular business hours and at least 24 hours in advance to avoid charges in full for your appointment.

Expiration of Floats:
All floats, gift certificates ect. purchased has an expiry date. After the expiration date of any unused floats has passed the floats are void and holds no credit or value.

Late Policy:
If you are 15 minutes late or more your appointment is automatically canceled and the full float credit is applied.

*Cancelation Policy: 48 Hour notice Required.Ottawa float spa

Ottawa float spa at Tank Action Floatation Spa , contact us 1663 Carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K2A 1C4, Ottawa’s one and only spa. The best spa at Ottawa.
Ottawa float Spa